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How to play

While doing a sudoku can make your brain sweat, the rules of the game are beautifully simple.

The rules

A sudoku is a grid of nine blocks, each containing nine squares. Some of the squares will already have a number between 1-9 in it. Your job is to enter numbers into the blank spaces so that each box, column, and row contains the numbers 1-9.

The catch is that each number can only appear once in a row, column and box.

Sudoku solving tips

Let's start off with the best (and only) trick to the game of sudokus:

The only way to successfully crack a sudoku is to look at it from more than one perspective.

In the following, we will introduce you to three basic techniques (perspectives). Get these under your skin, and they'll take you a long way with solving both easy and slightly trickier sudokus.

Find the last digit

Each block, row, and column in a Sudoku must contain every number between 1 and 9. It, therefore, follows, that if a specific number can only be put in one cell within a block, column or row, then that number is guaranteed to fit there (hence, other possible candidates can be eliminated from that cell).

Place a number by excluding candidate cells

This technique helps you place a specific number you're looking to place in a box. You do this by searching for that number in all surrounding rows and columns.

Say you are looking to place the number 4. If "4" already appears in a given row or column, it then blocks for placing "4" in all other cells in that row or column.

Make pencil marks and explore your options

You can work your way to finding the sole candidate for a particular cell by writing down all possible cell candidates. After that, you proceed with the perspectives we've presented above.

Techniques for more advanced level sudokus

While these tips will get you a long way, we encourage you to visit Wikihow for their wonderfully simple guide. This guide will take you further in cracking the harder levels: Take me to the guide on Wikihow

About Sudokupeople

Sudoku puzzles are fun, addictive, fascinating and require no language or math skills. And did you know that doing sudoku puzzles helps develop logic and difficulty levels?

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At Sudokupeople we wish to take that break with you - and others with a shared passion for pushing our brain a bit further.

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At Sudokupeople we offer free online sudoku puzzles with a wide range of logic and difficulty levels.

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What's to come on Sudokupeople

In a short time, we'll be offering you statistics on your progress and general activity on Sudokupeople.

But for now, please enjoy our sudoku puzzles, and remember that although you are having a good time doing a sudoku puzzle, you are training your brain in the course of the game.

Always push a little harder, and your mind will reward you! ☺

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